Team Building and Leadership Training with Horses!

Horses are natural leaders. The herd is responsible. Horses trust their senses, knowing their purpose and taking clear action. A horse herd is inclusive - everyone belongs, everyone is important, everyone matters. Relationship is primary in the herd - it is based on trust, clear communication, and the importance of each horse’s place in the herd. Horses respond with unique insight into exactly who we are in the moment. They are profoundly gifted reflectors of our true selves because their very survival depends on reading us right. Because horses can read and respond to the non verbal messages we are always sending, they begin to act in ways that feel familiar to other relationships or dynamics in our lives. 

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Equine-Assisted Training Programs Fosters Team Building

Wyoming Carriages is about living and breathing with draft horses.

Horses are social animals, with defined roles within their herd. They would rather be with their peers. They have distinct personalities, attitudes and moods: an approach that works with one horse won't necessarily work with another. At times they seem stubborn and defiant. They like to have fun. In other words, horses are a lot like us socially-when we work on our relationships with them, we in turn are learning how to improve our relationships with others. 

Harnessing Trust

Your team will be spending time with our horses working on personal growth, team building, cross cultural awareness training, and developing leadership skills. No one will be riding the horses; they will simply be in the arena, and we will coach and mentor you on how to interact with them. As a group, you'll have to figure out how to gain equine trust! This type of activity encourages collaboration and helps team members find creative ways to move the horses using non-verbal cues.

Gain personal and business success with the equine-assisted leadership programs at Wyoming Carriages. At our peaceful pony retreat, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, we use our majestic draft horses for team building activities that create a sense of meaning to build a new purpose for your organization. We also teach management personnel better ways to interact with members of their team. Our services are available to local or regional organizations Nationwide!

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By changing the way you work together in our arena, you will change the way you work together as a team in your office, organization or academic setting. Our activities encourage team spirit and cooperation as well as promote cohesion during everyday activities and projects.
If you'd like us to set up a program specifically tailored to your organization, contact us.

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